What are the Perks of Valet Jobs?

What are the Perks of Valet Jobs?

Many people have experienced valet service in some form since it’s commonly found at restaurants, hotels, hospitals, airports, and events. These trained attendants provide everything from greeting guests, to parking and retrieving cars. However, have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a valet attendant? There are many benefits to this lucrative job, since many receive tips. Find out more about the benefits of Denver valet jobs and start your career today. 

It’s a great second source of income

Valet attendants can commonly work for high end clientele. Valet services are necessary for restaurant owners, party throwers, or high profile corporate types. These needs typically arise during early morning or late evening hours. This makes valet jobs a great fit for those looking to make extra money after a typical work day. Factor in tips from high end clients, and your valet position could net you more than your 9 to 5. Take some caution, though, as these jobs can sometimes have late hours. This can conflict with a day job, but does provide a steady income for those willing to hustle.

You’ll meet lots of new people

Denver valet jobs allow you to travel all around the city. Not only will you get to explore the city you love, but you’ll meet a ton of new Denver natives. Valet attendants get to meet new people on every shift. This could be at a swanky new restaurant in Capitol Hill or a downtown nightclub. Whatever the venue or occasion, this is certainly a job for a people person.

There’s no education requirement

A valet attendant position requires little initial qualification. This is the type of job that offers on-hand training. There are a few specifications a valet may need to meet, including:

  • A valet worker must be at least 18 years of age
  • A valid driver’s license is required
  • A high school diploma, GED, or equivalent is also required

Additionally, you’ll need to know how to drive both automatic and manual transmissions. Unfortunately, a bunch of moving violations, license suspensions, and DUI’s will also keep you from becoming a valet.

Other Benefits

There are a few other fringe benefits that will entice those interested in valet parking. First, this is a great side hustle for car enthusiasts. Valet attendants often see a variety of different vehicles per location. Chances are, you’ll get to briefly experience what it’s like to drive some of your favorite models.

Another added fringe benefit is exercise. Valet jobs require a good deal of walking to and from parking locations. For many, this helps break away from the norm of a typical desk job. It will certainly allow you to get your steps in every night. If you think a Denver valet job is for you, contact VIP Parking Solutions. Our services are available to a myriad of Denver clientele. With a valet job at VIP Parking Solutions, you’ll get many of these benefits and more.

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