Should I Hire a Valet Company for My Event?

Should I Hire a Valet Company for My Event?

Valet parking is a great service for any event. Valet parking services provide top tier assistance that positively impacts guests, ensuring they have a stress free evening. That’s because valet parking is a type of hospitality service. It’s designed to give guests a better experience while improving their mood. This convenient hospitality service is a must have at any event going forward.

With the right company, you’ll give your guests an optimized experience that they won’t forget. You might be thinking, “how do I find valet companies near me?” It’s easy to find valet parking services if you know what to look for. Read on to discover how to find the best valet parking company for your next event. 

Experience is Key

Hiring valet services ensures that experienced, capable personnel are managing your event. It’s important to look for companies with proven experience. This includes working with various types of events, clients, and vehicles. Complex needs arise depending on the client, event, or vehicle type. A professional valet service can help navigate these complexities for you. Valet drivers are well-versed on manual and automatic vehicle operation, guest services, and more. 

Ask for References

Because of their professionalism, many valet companies can show proof of reputation through referrals and references. You can gain this information through two outlets: the valet company itself and other local hospitality businesses. Oftentimes, a company will put their best foot forward. To ensure you’re hearing honest reviews, reach out to locals or search online for more information. Check with event planners, caterers, and other hospitality personnel who may have worked alongside the valet company, as well.

Invest in Vehicle Safety

Vehicle safety is one of the most important aspects of hiring valet services. Professional valets are trained to handle parking mishaps through safety measures. However, accidents can sometimes still occur. Valet companies often carry extra insurance to cover any losses incurred during parking accidents. This puts the pressure off of you as the event organizer and host. Be sure to double check with the valet company regarding their insurance and accident protocols. 

A Review of Your Site

Another aspect of hiring valet services is a site review. This is when the parking company visits the site of the event and creates a parking plan. These reviews are often complementary and allow you to get an inside look at the company and their process. You can also ask any questions you have at this time and receive a price estimate.

About Price Estimates

Before getting your price estimate, keep in mind these important questions.

  • When will the parking staff arrive and depart?
  • How many valets will I need onsite?
  • Do you have a flat rate or charge by the hour?
  • What is the overall total cost of services?

Pro tip: Always ask for a written estimate before making a decision on parking services. A written estimate will help you decide if the price is right for you. It will include all costs and fees. Contact VIP Parking Solutions for your next event or valet parking needs.

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