Is Valet Parking Safe?

Is valet parking safe? If you aren’t familiar with using this type of service, this is something you may be wondering! You probably love your car and have put money and time into maintaining it. Most often you won’t give your keys to someone, but if you have ever given up your keys to someone in front of a restaurant or outside a high-rise apartment building, it was most likely to a valet. Typically valet parking is seen as a luxury amenity. Despite this, you might feel worried about handing your car keys to a stranger. Especially when you are in a city where parking is far away or in a large venue. Here are a few tips to be more comfortable, and to know that valet parking is safe. 

Valet Parking Attendants are Professionals

Valet parking is typically a lot safer than parking yourself because valets park hundreds of cars each week. They learn how to park cars of different sizes and shapes, and park many cars. There are also specific areas for valets to park in, which means that they are used to parking there. Rather than trying to park yourself in a public garage, and put your car at risk, you can hire a professional instead. Valet companies and their garages are also insured, which means that any physical vehicle damage will be covered.

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What to Remember When Using a Valet

1. Bring Your Valuables With You

Although using a valet is safe, it is important to be careful and take your valuables with you. Anything that you think you might need should be brought with you, including sunglasses, wallets, and your phone. It can also help you to ensure that you have all of your belongings and avoid bringing the car back around.

2. Keep Your Claim Ticket

When leaving your car with a valet service you should always remember to take the claim ticket given to you. This is essential because this is how they know who’s car belongs to who. You may even consider taking a photo of the ticket in case you do lose it. But try not to.

If you do lose your claim ticket, then you can definitely get your car back, it will just most likely take a lot longer. Especially if it is during an event, it may take a very long time. This is also a huge pain to the drivers and valets.

3. Consider Tipping for a Job Well Done

You may not know if you should tip, or how much you should tip when using a valet service. You should definitely tip, although it is not required. Even a few dollars is a kind gesture and should depend on the total cost of the valet. 

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