How to Choose a Valet Parking Vendor for My Event

How to Choose a Valet Parking Vendor for My Event

A valet parking service is an effective way to impress your guests at your next event. Valet parking gives a great first impression. It automatically elevates a guest’s experience and adds a special touch. But with so many valet parking vendors in Colorado, how do you choose the best one? Use this guide to hire the best valet parking vendor in Colorado for your next event.

Start with Referrals

If you’re hosting an event, you probably know someone else who’s used a valet parking service. Ask around for referrals from friends, family, co-workers, or local businesses. Referrals allow you to get an in-depth, personal opinion on the valet service. If you don’t know anyone personally, reach out to local event planners and caterers. These professionals will have direct experience with other local valet parking vendors. 

Get an In-person Consultation

Once you have a list of referrals nailed down, it’s time to make some phone calls. Most valet parking vendors will offer free in-person consultations. The vendor will set up a time to meet at the event’s location. They will let you know if they feel comfortable with the site and explain their approach to parking management. An experienced parking valet manager can tell you exactly how they’ll handle parking and direct traffic flow. Be wary of vendors who refuse to do site visits, as this is a common practice among valet parking services. 

Request an Estimate

You’ll most likely receive an estimate after the consultation. Be sure to request all estimates in writing. An estimate should lay out staff details and cost. Review the estimate for hourly rates and hidden fees. Depending on the valet vendor, a flat rate or hourly rate will be used. You can also request an event report after you receive the official invoice. 

Check for Insurance

A trustworthy parking valet service should be transparent about their coverage. Accidents are always a possibility, so the vendor must come prepared. Proper insurance coverage is extremely important. You could be held personally liable for damages if the vendor is under-insured. Check that the valet parking vendor is outfitted with a comprehensive insurance plan, umbrella policy, and workers’ compensation coverage. You can also research their insurance carrier to verify their authenticity. 

Choose the best Valet Parking Vendors in Colorado

Your event is sure to be a success with the best valet parking services in Colorado. VIP Parking Solutions suits every parking need through a broad selection of professional services. A parking service should be committed to creating a lasting impression for your guests. During your next event, your guests will receive excellent customer service and a high-quality experience. Hiring a valet parking service is essential to maintaining the security and safety of your guests. Put your trust in a team of highly skilled professionals that are the best in their field. Your parking management team will help you enjoy your night by taking the stress out of valet parking. A safe and effective parking solution will be curated for your special event.

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