How old do you have to be to be a valet?

Denver valet jobs

Most people often forget where they have parked their cars, which is why having a valet at a parking garage or venue can be very helpful. Valets are able to help prevent traffic, allow customers to get to their destinations quicker, but also provide a steady income along with tips as a reward for hard work. The minimum age to be a valet is 18, and if you are interested you can search through the Denver Valet Jobs.


The required duties for valet parking employees often vary from job site to job site. In many cases, a valet will exchange car keys for tickets or numbered tags. The employees then park the car and also go to get the vehicle when the driver returns. The identifying tag aids in this process. Other responsibilities may include keeping parking areas clean and safe. It may also include parking cars to ensure maximum space efficiency or directing drivers using flashlights. 

In some cases, those who work as valet parkers employees may be required to complete additional tasks. This might including patrolling parking areas to help avoid theft or collecting parking charges.


In order to be hired, you will need to have proper documentation. This might include the presentation of a valid ID and proof of ability to work in the U.S. This might include a work permit, Social Security card, or another document. To be a valet parker, you will need to have a current driver’s license and proof of auto insurance.  You may also need to do a background check. This is because you will be required to handle customer’s cars and money transactions. Background checks may involve checking your driver’s record for speeding tickets, accidents, or other situations. In some cases, you may be fingerprinted. If you have stolen cars in the past or received a DUI, you most likely will not be hired. 

Driving Ability

In order to be a valet parking employee, you must have adequate driving skills. This may include being able to drive both a manual and a standard car, as well as being able to parallel park, and park in confined spaces. Especially if you work in a place where there are expensive or rare cars, you need to be a great and safe driver. Being able to locate headlights, gear shifts, seat belts and seat adjusters for safe driving is essential.

Customer Service

Because you will speak to customers, having good customer service skills is important. You must be able to communicate effectively and professionally with customers. This means conversational-level English language skills and politeness. You may also need to resolve conflicts should s

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