How much does it cost to hire a valet service?

How much does it cost to hire a valet service

Parking is something that can be difficult to find in big cities, and even more difficult during an event. With lack of space, or parking lots being far away, sometimes hiring a valet service is the perfect choice for a private event. Whether that is for a wedding, graduation party, fundraiser, or business event, a valet service can make a good impression.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Valet Service?

The average cost for a Valet Parking Service from a Valet Company Denver can vary It mostly depends on how many valets you need and for how long.

Types of Valet Options

Pay Per Employee

One common way to hire a valet service is to pay an hourly rate per employee. This means that if you have more than one staff member, you will pay for each additional person. Typically expect to have at least two staff, so that one is at the post while the other is fetching the cars. Pricing per hour can completely vary, but getting a quote is your best option.

Check Coverage

Because accidents can happen, it is important that a contractor carries insurance. Liability transfers to the event holder if there is no insurance in place, and this can mean a huge expense for you. Ask for proof of insurance before the event in order to avoid this. This will also give your guests a sense of safety during the event if you mention that they are insured with both liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. 

Ask About Event Minimums

Although many valet companies charge by the hour, there may also be minimums. This means you may need to pay for at least three hours rather than only a contract for one or two. You may even pay more during rush hour time, or if there is a large event nearby. This is because they already may have business elsewhere at these times.

Minimize Travel Time

If you can avoid the garage or parking area is far from the event venue then you can save money. This is because the valet will not need to keep running back after dropping off the cars. Using an on-site valet is always a cheaper option.

Pre-Pay for Parking

Not every event space has parking on-site, which means that you may want to arrange for parking permits or to rent garage spaces nearby. This is a better choice than a far-away garage. 

Reservation Deposit Required

Be aware that usually, you will need to pay 25% upfront. This is standard to secure your reservation. You may even need to pay the full amount upfront.

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