How does valet parking work?

how does valet parking work

Valet parking is everywhere – from upscale restaurants and bars to hotels and special events. You may have even experienced the immense amount of perks that valet parking vendors in Colorado provide. 

If you’re a pro at using valet parking, or if your first time is fast approaching, it’s a good idea to brush up on how to utilize these services. Follow these simple tips for valet parking to better understand how valet parking works, including on how much to tip!

Valet Parking How To

There are a few things to prepare for before using valet parking services. Although complimentary parking is sometimes available, this is not always the case. Be prepared to dish out anywhere from 10 to 40 dollars depending on the location and services. 

What to do before you arrive

Knowing what to do before the valet takes your car is important. In order to keep your items organized, it’s best practice to tidy up your car. Tuck away any valuables or remove them from the car altogether. Keeping a clean and tidy car will give you peace of mind while you are enjoying your night.

Be prepared to keep the keys in the ignition and the car running. Valet professionals are extremely busy – often servicing hundreds of people a day. The best thing you can do to make their jobs easier is to be ready to depart your vehicle quickly and with little hassle. 

Additionally, have your initial cash tip ready to exchange when the valet hands you a claims ticket. Keep this ticket somewhere safe for easy access to your car later.

What to do after picking up your vehicle

For quick and easy pickup, call ahead to the front lobby or valet parking vendor. This way, your car will be waiting for you upon pickup and you can leave immediately. You’ll need your claim ticket in order to pick up your car. When you’re ready to leave, don’t forget to tip the head valet or current parking attendant.

It’s also important to perform a checkup on the inside and outside of your vehicle. Make sure everything is in place and that there’s no damage or negligence. Speak to the parking service immediately if you notice anything amiss. 

Tipping Guide

Tipping valet attendants is common practice, as these professionals work hard to keep your vehicle safe during your time away. How to tip a valet depends on the location, type of service, and parking rates.

Most tips range from two to five dollars per attendant. It’s most likely that the same attendant won’t be present for drop off and pick up. So, be prepared to carry cash for all valet parking attendants that service you and your vehicle during this time. 

Valet Parking Vendors in Colorado

In summary, valet parking has many benefits including keeping your vehicle secure while you’re away and elevating special occasions. It’s important to work with a valet parking vendor with trustworthy service and expertise. 
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