3 tips to be a good valet attendant


Valets, or parking attendants, park and retrieve cars for customers. They can also help guests at hotels or restaurants. Valets will typically meet the guests at the curb and then proceed to take their keys. This should be done professionally, in a friendly manner, and to make the customer feel good leaving their vehicle with you. Valets should also be able to remember where each car is parked, and retrieve it for the guests. The main purpose of a valet is to keep the keys safe and make the experience enjoyable for guests. 

3 Tips to Be a Good Valet Attendant

If you are considering applying for Denver Valet Jobs, you should know about the requirements and skills of a good valet. 

1. Be Organized

One of the most important aspects of being a valet is being organized. You should be able to locate keys and keep them safe while being very professional. To be a good valet parking attendant you need to keep track of cars and take great care to stay organized. This will help you to be quick as well and get the job done.

2. Work on Your Customer Service Skills

Being a valet is more than just driving cars, it is also a customer service gig. When guests arrive you should greet them and make them feel comfortable. Stay professional, but also strive to be quick. Customers do not want to wait because this can make them late. Should you be late, you must know how to diffuse the situation with good customer service skills.

3. Be a Skilled Driver

As a valet, you cannot be speeding out of the garage in other people’s cars. Focus on a mix of good driving skills, as well as professionalism. Work on your craft. You should know how to properly parallel park cars, and do it with ease. You do not want the customers to feel uncomfortable leaving their cars with you.

How to Become a Valet

In order to become a valet or parking attendant, you should hold a legal driver’s license. Most valet jobs require you to be over 18 years old and be a team player. You should know how to work as a team member and have a positive attitude. Valets work long hours on their feet and working with customers, if you cannot do this it may not be the job for you. 

You should also know how to drive a manual transmission, electric cars, and any variety of vehicles that may come to your place of work. In some cases, you may need to pass a location-specific driving test, and other locations may ask you to complete a background check, as well as pass a drug test.

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