3 Pros and Cons of Choosing Valet Parking

Valet parking is a great investment for corporations and locals alike. These services have many perks and can help with more than just parking your car. Local valet services can also assist with driving clients to the airport, hospitality, or fostering corporate relationships. Although there are many perks to hiring valet parking services, there are also some risks. Let’s take a look at the pros of hiring valet parking professionals and what risks to avoid.

Top 3 Pros of Valet Parking Services 

Convenient: Hiring a professional valet makes parking a lot more convenient for guests. This is especially important for businesses in a busy area. Valet parking services can help you locate the nearest lot available and provide guests with easy access to parking. Utilizing valet for transportation to and from airports also creates a streamlined process for business associates. 

Great First Impression: A professional valet is sure to set the tone for the whole evening. Guests can now enjoy a stress-free night instead of focusing on the logistics of parking and transportation. Because you’ve simplified the guest’s experience, they’ll leave with a better first impression. The unparalleled customer service of a professional valet will bring guests and business associates back every time.

Tons of Perks: Hiring valet parking services comes with more perks than you probably realize. Parking cars isn’t the only thing available to you. Parking management and valet services also include:

  • Prompt service for any sized event
  • Flexible plans that cater to the needs of your business
  • High-quality service with experienced workers
  • A customized solution with complimentary property inspection

Top 3 Cons of Valet Parking Services 

Inexperienced Drivers: Unfortunately, not all parking services vet their drivers. Inexperienced drivers can cause issues like damage or improper driving of manual vehicles. You’ll want to work with parking management that has proven experience. This could be in the form of customer reviews or performance rewards. Management should also offer basic training of their drivers so they are well-versed on customer needs.

Lack of Security: Without a proper vetting process, guest’s vehicles and belongings could be in danger, as well. Cars are taken away and parked at a secondary location. There have been accounts of attendants misusing their driving privileges by taking joy-rides or stealing from guests. There’s a lot of trust that goes into valet parking attendants. If management doesn’t hire reputable people, your guests could be at risk. 

Legal Ramifications: Disreputable parking services can lead to legal issues. For example, an underinsured valet company won’t be able to pay for potential damages. This leaves your business responsible for paying out property damage costs. Be sure to read through the valet contract to ensure that they are fully insured and you won’t be held liable. 

To avoid these common risks of valet parking services, hire professionals you can trust. VIP Parking Solutions offers experienced parking management and valet services to Colorado residents and businesses. Contact us to discover how valet parking services can help. 

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